Feb 072015
Too Much Paper? Adopt A Managed Print Services Mindset

Wasting trees? Printing too much paper? Think managed print services (MPS) to reduce non-essential printing. Small to mid-sized businesses can reduce costs by decreasing non-essential printing and incorporating managed print services (MPS) into business processes.

Sep 232014
Let's Get Serious About Personal Computer Security
This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Personal Computer Security and Online Safety

From malvertising to phishing, tech support scams to fake PC cleanup, our personal computer security and online safety are in jeorpardy. Whether you encounter an in-your-face virus or are victimized in a stealthy manner, are you prepared to clean it up?

Apr 112014
Hands-on Health Practices Still Need Business Websites
This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Getting Started With Your Internet Presence

For hands-on health practices it can seem unimportant to have an online presence but consumers and potential patients expect to find your hands-on health practices website listed when they look for you online. Technology is a friend to your practice aside from the practice management software your business is likely running.

The reality for today’s business is that the web serves to enhance advertising and marketing efforts for private healthcare firms, making it easier and cost-effective to continually dispense information needed by patients and potential clients while increasing their comfort levels about doing business with you.

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