Jun 172013
Birthday Bash Marking End of the Road for CommentLuv Premium?

This latest CommentLuv Birthday Bash marks a celebratory event as well as the end of life for lifetime updates. So sad, but you don’t have to be sad. Ever hear of “grandfathering”? You’ve only got a limited time to get it on this license before it goes to recurring payments.

Sep 262011
Beta, Beater, CommentLuv (Premium) is Sweeter!

We got to dip our fingers and toes into this awesome sauce (aka CommentLuv Premium)! Take a quick peek into what goes on behind the scenes (beta testing) to make it better and ready for launch.

Jul 062011
How to Sell Your Product From Under Your Affiliates

The change in seasons brought about changes throughout the world wide web. Staff changes and buyouts, changing business models and States enacting Nexus … Affiliate marketing is getting a real shake up!

May 312011
Trending: CommentLuv 2.9 Launch Starts Now
This entry is part 7 of 7 in the series WordPress for Brick and Mortar Business

UPDATE: CommentLuv Premium (v 3.0) is now available. Andy Bailey Launches New CommentLuv 2.9 WordPress Plugin for Bloggers. It’s his birthday, but YOU get the prizes and fun stuff which is included as a bonus when you click the button at the end of the video.

Oct 312010
Exclusive: ComLuv Members Club For Savvy Bloggers Only
This entry is part 6 of 7 in the series WordPress for Brick and Mortar Business

Who knew installing the CommentLuv plugin would allow you to over-deliver? Hands-down, the CommentLuv plugin for WordPress has definitely made it to my list of “good, smart technology.” But sad to say, if you are not a member of the free ComLuv community, you are only half-ready to receive what you expect CommentLuv to bring to your blog’s doorstep.

Aug 022010
A Non-Review of WishList Membership Site Plugin for WordPress

It looks good, the developers have an informative and attractive website, the testimonials touting the merits of the software look genuine. To their credit, they provide plenty of video tutorials. But is WishList Membership site plugin for WordPress worth the price tag? Is it secure?

Jan 162010
CSS Styles Achieved With The Special Text Boxes WordPress Plugin
This entry is part 5 of 6 in the series CSS Text-Box Styles For Serious Writers

The very first time I saw beautiful colored textboxes created with just CSS was while I perusing a Joomla! site. Wanting to replicate this in my own Joomla-based site, I was directed to the xTypo extension. Later, as I developed articles for a WordPress-based site, I hoped to find a plugin that would provide the same easy way to integrate textboxes. After much searching, manual code insertion, I finally found the Special Text Boxes WordPress Plugin, which was ported directly from the xTypo extension.

Jan 062010
CSS Styles: Favorite Colored Text Boxes, Callouts, Sidebars, and Quotes
This entry is part 2 of 6 in the series CSS Text-Box Styles For Serious Writers

Want to make your articles, reports, blog postings more visually appealing? Assembled here are my all-time favorite textboxes, callouts, sidebars, and formatted quotations easily created using simple CSS. Included are the little code snipplets you’ll need to duplicate these on your own blog (whether using WordPress, Blogger or another CMS).

Jan 012010
CSS Styles For Pretty-fying Text in Your WordPress Blog
This entry is part 1 of 6 in the series CSS Text-Box Styles For Serious Writers

When presenting information online, you often want to do more with it than just italicize some text, or make a headline big and red. You probably want the means to create callout boxes and sidebars, with different colors, different borders, in differing sizes — just like you would find in offline documents created with OpenOffice, Microsoft Word, or your favorite Desktop Publisher. Often, the code to create such boxes is not usually included in the stylesheet that comes with your theme or template. This series remedies that!