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Apr 112014
Hands-on Health Practices Still Need Business Websites
This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Getting Started With Your Internet Presence

For hands-on health practices it can seem unimportant to have an online presence but consumers and potential patients expect to find your hands-on health practices website listed when they look for you online. Technology is a friend to your practice aside from the practice management software your business is likely running.

The reality for today’s business is that the web serves to enhance advertising and marketing efforts for private healthcare firms, making it easier and cost-effective to continually dispense information needed by patients and potential clients while increasing their comfort levels about doing business with you.

Feb 052014
Five Types of Business That Need Serviced Offices

Traveling abroad but still using the local library or the coffee shop down the street from your hotel as temporary office space? Sometimes you just need to head to the nearest business center and contract serviced offices or an executive suite!

Jan 302014
HP's Hybrid Cloud Solutions Smooths Transition for SMBs
This entry is part 4 of 5 in the series Cloud and SaaS Solutions

Cloud adoption is climbing quickly. Even the smallest businesses on the SMB scale are moving business functions to the cloud.

From SMB to enterprise, the search is on for hybrid cloud solutions to bridge the gap between in-house networking and off-site processing with scalability, agility and rock-solid security all built-in.

Nov 212013
The Concept of Whole Business Thinking

Robert S. Block’s WBT concept works for micro- and small-business as well as for big enterprises. Block lays out the concepts of Whole Business Thinking in his new book for corporate executives, managers, entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Nov 152013
Precursor to Business Projects: Environmental Assessment Reports

It is important that we look to the past for guidance, look for ways to ensure sustainability and properly measure environmental impact before moving forward with large-scale physical and climate-changing projects. Commissioning environmental assessment reports helps both small and big business meet these goals.

Oct 282013
Don't Be Left Behind: Top 10 Free White Papers You Absolutely Must Read

Reading is a necessity for writing interesting content and anecdotal story-telling. Blogging wordsmith Jon Morrow proclaims your content sucks in part because you don’t read enough — start with these industry white papers, reports and ebooks. In case you missed these reports and white papers that should be part of your industry library, here are 10 covering marketing, social media, podcasting, freelancing and website optimization.

Oct 232013
3 Ways to Make Your Sales Training Videos Memorable & Powerful

Forget expensive one-class-at-a-time training delivery models. Sales training videos are being served up via e-learning to everyone’s delight. Big and small companies are using learning management systems and online teaching platforms to manage video for informal learning and create formal sales training videos for employees.

Oct 222013
Working From Home: Is It Time To Rent Office Space?

Has the time come to leave the comfort of home and rent office space or lease a serviced or shared office? What’s involved in making the transition?

There are situations wherein home-based business owners, micropreneurs, solo consultants or freelancers will need to search for commercial office space or shared office arrangements. Let’s look at a few scenarios.

Oct 172013
Run Your Office From A Shipping Container

The shipping container is a marvelous invention, as it allows for the safe and efficient transport of materials within a globalized freight system — by roadways, railways and waterways.

But when shipping containers reach the end of their voyaging lives, what happens to them? They’re being re-purposed as homes, offices and even medical clinics!

Jul 042013
Limit Financial Risks with a Serviced Office aka Executive Suite

Setting up a new office locally or on international terrain? Aside from the lease for the physical space, necessary expenditures include paying utilities, purchasing or renting office equipment, outfitting the space with furniture and accessories befitting your profession, and hiring support staff to keep things running smoothly. Reduce the upfront costs by moving into an executive suite or serviced office.