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Nov 182013
Review: Vend for iPad - A Mobile POS System for Modern-Day Retailers
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Brick-and-mortar retailers can now their connect cash registers, receipt printers, inventory and CRM to smart devices like the iPad and cell phones. Vend for iPad is a mobile POS system for modern-day retailers, e-tailers and online merchants.

Aug 232011
Customer Referral Systems: Automation is Your Secret Key
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You do good work, leaving a trail of satisfied customers behind you. Why not create an automated customer referral system whereby your customers can simply and easily refer you to their colleagues, peers, and industry associates?

Jul 062011
How to Sell Your Product From Under Your Affiliates

The change in seasons brought about changes throughout the world wide web. Staff changes and buyouts, changing business models and States enacting Nexus … Affiliate marketing is getting a real shake up!

May 072011
Autoresponse Plus 4 Almost Ready For The Digital Shelves
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The excitement is almost palpable! Within just weeks we’re expecting the long awaited release of version 4 of Autoresponse Plus, which has been in the making for many, many (many!) months. Are you one of those who has been sitting on the fence about taking control of your email marketing, visitor inquiries, and customer communications?

arpReach (formerly Autoresponse Plus) is a self-hosted autoresponder with awesome email marketing features.

Sep 252010
Rocking Those Customer Referrals - Your Virtual Sales Team
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Got a rocking product, service, offline business, or online store? A customer referral or affiliate management system can become an extension of your own efforts — giving you a virtual sales team! With the right web tools, you can allow others to refer their friends, family, colleagues, and business acquaintances to your online or offline local business establishment.

Sep 042010
When Does An Online Customer Referral System Make Good Business Sense?
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Sometimes a customer or a friend just wants an easy way to share your great products or services with others. Let’s remove the language barrier and apply the notion of affiliate management to the standard business practice of rewarding customers for their priceless loyalty. If you have added an ecommerce component to your offline business, an online customer referral system becomes your secret weapon to generating more traffic and, ultimately, more sales.