Apr 112014
Hands-on Health Practices Still Need Business Websites
This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Getting Started With Your Internet Presence

For hands-on health practices it can seem unimportant to have an online presence but consumers and potential patients expect to find your hands-on health practices website listed when they look for you online. Technology is a friend to your practice aside from the practice management software your business is likely running.

The reality for today’s business is that the web serves to enhance advertising and marketing efforts for private healthcare firms, making it easier and cost-effective to continually dispense information needed by patients and potential clients while increasing their comfort levels about doing business with you.

Feb 022014
3 Ways To Find Incredible Trade Show Exhibits

Armed with the knowledge that your trade show exhibits must do double duty — engage potential customers and help close the sale — it is increasingly important to know where the best resources can be found. Here are three awesome methods for finding exhibits that engage.

Dec 012013
Guest Crew Makes It Easy To Submit and Request Guest Posts

Why is it so hard for bloggers and guest posters to get together? You want guest posts with quality content; bloggers want to post on your site. What’s missing? This Guest Crew infographic bridges the gap.

Oct 092013
Past Roadblocks Got You Spinning Your Wheels?

Don’t let myths, lies, and lack of inspiration derail your entrepreneurial progress. Check out these inspiring vignettes of an author, software developer and network marketer. That’s how we overcome roadblocks and keep our forward motion.

Jul 102013
Guest Posting Series on

New Series: Every Week Showcases Diverse Content Across Myriad Niches. This weekly series, written by Your’s Truly, puts the spotlight on bloggers and contributes to forging new relationships.

Jun 172013
Birthday Bash Marking End of the Road for CommentLuv Premium?

This latest CommentLuv Birthday Bash marks a celebratory event as well as the end of life for lifetime updates. So sad, but you don’t have to be sad. Ever hear of “grandfathering”? You’ve only got a limited time to get it on this license before it goes to recurring payments.