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Jul 102013
Guest Posting Series on

New Series: Every Week Showcases Diverse Content Across Myriad Niches. This weekly series, written by Your’s Truly, puts the spotlight on bloggers and contributes to forging new relationships.

Jan 282012
Versatile Blogger Award: Thank You, Alicia!

The Versatile Blogger Award is a peer recognition and relationship building tool for bloggers. CoachNotes Blog was nominated by Alicia Jay.

Sep 262011
Beta, Beater, CommentLuv (Premium) is Sweeter!

We got to dip our fingers and toes into this awesome sauce (aka CommentLuv Premium)! Take a quick peek into what goes on behind the scenes (beta testing) to make it better and ready for launch.

Aug 112011
Guest Post on Performance Marketing Insider: Bloggers Survey

Survey of bloggers I regularly engage on how they use affiliate marketing and advertising networks to monetize blog content. New guest post on Performance Marketing Insider.

Aug 022011
Is Blogging Making You Sick? Doctor, Doctor!

What does this short-story post have to do with small or local business, or online business systems, or processes, customer referral systems, or … This debut episode was inspired my numerous things — including people and happenings in the wonderful world of business and personal blogging.

Jul 212011
Who Helps You Map Your Path, Grow Your Business?

Known for her blogging collaboratives, social media management skills, and local search marketing prowess, small business advisor Gail Gardner helps grow business. Listed in Technorati’s Small Business 100, she also has a WordPress Plugin named after her (G.A.S.P.), yet she remains approachable and available. Here’s a glimpse into her world.