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Aug 022011
Is Blogging Making You Sick? Doctor, Doctor!

What does this short-story post have to do with small or local business, or online business systems, or processes, customer referral systems, or … This debut episode was inspired my numerous things — including people and happenings in the wonderful world of business and personal blogging.

Mar 252011
5 Tech Escapades: Caught Between Heaven and Hell!

Technical challenges abound — from hardware to web spaces, from offline software to online tools. New problems crop up but the joy of exploration (often out of necessity) yields a wee bit of pleasure to balance the hair-pulling moments. In honor of 5 seasons of tech-related eventfulness, here’s a light-hearted glimpse into what I’ve experienced in late February and early March.

Dec 252010
Dance A Jig: Build Your Own Unscientific Blogging Scorecard

You will probably agree that gazing into a crystal ball is one of the most unscientific ways to determine your blog’s success. For a moment, let’s lay aside the pure methodologies, scientific processes, and the pixie dust, and get down celebrating your own unscientific, subjective, personal blogging scorecard.

Apr 142010
Cleaned Up The Audio and Created Segments From BlogTalkRadio Show

Update: Interview with Rodney McNeil on TaylorThyme. The audio from BlogTalkRadio (BTR) was kinda raw with some weird loud noises in it. Cleaned up the audio, and segmented the discussion so you can listen to those parts of it that interest you (or listen to all of them!).

Dec 122009
What is it? Search Me!
This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series SearchMe! Getting Better Results When Trying To Find Answers

Believe it or not, many people cry “I can’t ever find anything when I search for something!” You may not be one of them, but if you are you can benefit from this little project of mine.